At 24, rapper Lone started making music around a year ago. “I was the only one that sounded like me”, says Lone. His sound is described as trip hop alt rap and trippy music chill. His track, “Pack After Pack” demonstrates his eccentric sound along with his unparalleled voice. Lone considers some of his inspirations to be Travis Scott, Asap Rocky, Snakadaktal, and other alternative artists who are enlivening his own unique sound. This provided expressiveness can be seen through Lone’s music which is streaming on Soundcloud.

In his track Get Lit” he remixes Sam Smith and Demi Lovato but adds his own special new elements. The whimsical vocals over the calm sounding sampled song make for a chill sounding sound. The incorporation of Lone’s mentioned influences are manifested through his songs, especially this hot track.

Lone’s creativity is also something that is hugely crucial in his music career. This is exhibited in his freestyle track entitled “Im So Texas”. Listening to the track, you can hear Lone’s natural flow and see how he drifts though his bars with such exuberance. We can see that Lone is talented in many aspects of his music, not just his tracked being written line per line.

Soundcloud: LONE